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A quality camera no more makes a professional photographer, than a quality scalpel makes a brain surgeon – Hugh Anderson.

Seniors, Family & Headshot Photography

Do you have a particular photographic need?  We specialize in senior and family photography. Or perhaps you are a budding model and would like to prepare a portfolio to submit to talent agencies, or maybe you are a parent with a potential superstar on your hands. Could acting be calling you, and you need some awesome headshot photography. It could even be that you simply need a professional profile photo for your Facebook page. Whatever your needs, please fill out the contact form and give some basic details of what you are trying to achieve, and we will get back to you within a few hours.

All images are shot using Canon professional equipment.  Your session can be shot in the studio, or on location.  No images leave the studio without being edited and improved, and if you wish, enhanced. Every session is guaranteed – if you are not fully satisfied with the results, you can request a full refund.



Realtor Headshot - Tyler

An Interesting Shoot

This was interesting, and challenging. Six gentlemen wanted some headshots, and they had very little time in which to shoot. They wanted straight on, head and shoulders images only. Arriving to be photographed, it was immediately clear that we were not going to be spending any time tweaking the lighting, etc. In the end, it was seven headshots, one subject with glasses, then before they left, without glasses. Total time, including the chat, 22 minutes. Fast!  The final results can be seen on the Roco Real Estate home page.

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